Join Bianca Properties as an agent

Have you thought about a career as a Real Estate Property Professional?

Could you be a successful Property Professional?

It’s possible you may never have considered working in property before. Even if you had you may have wondered how you could make a start.

At Bianca Properties, we have spent the last 20 years developing a training and coaching system that takes away all the guesswork. And if you have what it takes to be a success in this industry we will show you how to turn your career dreams into a reality.

What sort of person is most likely to succeed as a Property Professional?

Selling property is really tough. Not physically tough, but mentally gruelling. It’s not for the faint-hearted. Sorry, there’s no other way to say it. Yet it’s the only career where you write your own cheque!

But, having said it is challenging, we should also add that it can be the most rewarding career imaginable. Our research shows that certain people are more likely to do well:

  • A person with no previous experience in selling of property A person with a stable employment history
  • A person who owns or has owned property A person who is of excellent character
  • A person with a strong desire to succeed and invest in his/her future A person with a willingness to learn and grow
  • A person with an optimistic, can-do attitude to life
  • A person with a good work ethic and high energy level

We also know that people who have worked in face-to-face roles with the public learn quickly and adapt easily to the work as a property agent. For example, people who have had a successful career in retail sales, as a company representative or in some types of service jobs will often excel in selling property they love to work with and serve others. And of course to be rewarded for doing what they love.

The one thing we are looking for above all else is someone with a high level of integrity; someone with consistent moral and ethical standards. Without these internal characteristics, you will not fit within our company culture nor adhere to our company values. You’ve got to have what it takes.

Bianca Properties Values

These set the tone to what we value and what is needed to best serve our clients

  • Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of our company

    Excellence is the quality of being outstanding, of excelling, of being the very best at what we do … and our every action is measured against this standard, every day.

  • Integrity, Reliability and Honesty

    Your word is law. If you say you will do something, everyone can rely on you doing what you say. This sometimes extends to things you do not say but are simply expected of a professional person working at Bianca Properties

  • Empathy, Thoughtfulness and Co-operation

    We work in a harmonious team environment where we care for our colleagues, our clients, and anyone we come into contact with in our day-to- day dealings in the community

  • Unlimited support from the Bianca Properties family as you strive to reach your highest potential

  • Hardwork and continuous self -improvement

    Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without hard work. When you add learning and self-improvement the results are amazing.

We are all on a path of growth, aiming to be the very best we can be, and you are surrounded by others who will help you grow and learn; who will support you when you fall; who will cheer you on as you struggle with your professional ups and downs.

What will the training and coaching involve? Is there a cost?

Firstly, there will be the cost of obtaining a registration and marketing some materials. The training and the coaching is an investment in you.

We will teach you what it takes to succeed. So long as you stick with what you learn from the use of our sales system, your income will grow month-on-month and your career satisfaction will soar.

The 90-day probation period will be intense and demand a commitment from your side to learn and apply the skills and tools to succeed in the source, secure and sell challenge to succeed.

Our sales system consists of four modules:


You will learn how a real estate agency generates business, how we create a database of contacts and serve the needs of those considering the sale of their property.


You will learn how a sale occurs, how we manage open homes and feedback to clients, how we negotiate the highest and best price for each property and how we manage the legal requirements of a sale including contracts.


You will learn what our clients need during the sale process and how to deliver the level of service that makes our company such an outstanding success in the community.


You will learn how to present our range of service products to property owners assisting and supporting them as they make some difficult choices before putting their property on the market.

We teach the first module, ‘Prospecting for new business’, from your contract commencement. Additional modules are taught as you reach competence with each preceding module. Our object is to turn out fully-trained, professional property agents. The foundation element is thorough, ongoing performance based training and coaching to ensure performance success.

What is expected of a new Property Professional

Once you have been selected as a future Bianca Properties team member we will expect your commitment to the following:

  1. To strictly follow our SALES SYSTEM which ensures our clients and customers rave about our service delivery and performance.

  2. To complete a set number of specific tasks on a daily basis.

  3. To monitor and observe your progress and results.

  4. To become a part of our close-knit team supporting each other in the interest of the business.

  5. To show total honesty and integrity in your dealings with clients and colleagues.

  6. To possess an attitude that fosters and encourages achievement.

  7. To continually improve your level of knowledge and skill with the SALES SYSTEM, training, coaching and personal learnings.

  8. To work diligently to reach your daily, weekly and monthly goals and targets, and the goals of your clients.

  9. To display total loyalty to your clients, your colleagues, the SALES SYSTEM and the company.

A Typical Day in the Property Business

One of the lures of the real estate business is that there is freedom in your schedule and daily activities. However this flexibility can also be your demise! You earn this freedom on the results you achieve. For the probation period there is far more structure, coaching and support. But be assured that as a Property Professional you will be kept very busy if you intend reaping the benefits. There are literally dozens of activities that, as an agent, you can take part in during your business week, such as the following:

  • Identifying, assessing, and managing leads
  • Pro-active prospecting on a daily basis
  • Utilizing the company website as a tool
  • Previewing all newly listed properties
  • Reviewing and becoming an expert in your marketplace and farming area
  • Completing paperwork and admin
  • Follow-up calls, letters, emails, etc.
  • Planning and setting up appointments
  • Meeting with Managers and Coaches
  • Marketing and advertising yourself and the company
  • Weekly Office meetings
  • Weekly performance reviews
  • Finding potential clients/customers
  • Preparing and presenting listing presentations
  • Pro-actively generating a steady stream of business for your sales pipeline
  • Planning and organizing show houses
  • Attend industry functions and training

A few things to consider

There is no free lunch in life! These are the tools you will have to invest in on day 1:

  • Estate Agent Affairs Board (EAAB) Certificate
  • Personal Business Cards x 500
  • Name Badge x 1
  • Board stickers x 20
  • Car Magnets x 2
  • ‘Property Power in South Africa’ guide
  • Your own laptop and camera

Working hours

The hours can be very long, definitely during the probation period and particularly in the early years. It is not unusual for days to begin at 8.00am and end at six in the evening. There is a tendency for new salespeople to work too many hours but with time you will acquire the knowledge and skills to work smartly and efficiently. The challenge is to move from ‘busy-ness’ to doing ‘business’. Our system requires an enormous amount of dedication and commitment. The primary focus, however, is on goals and tasks completed to achieve results, not hours worked. As in most professions a mastery of time is critical. Truly successful agent achievers have plenty of free time. They have mastered their time-management skills and focus resources on their priorities. Sales mastery comes from personal mastery – an exciting journey.

The Professional Fee or Commission

We at Bianca Properties believe that as Property Professionals we are entitled to be rewarded and remunerated what we are worth and what we deliver in ensuring that both the willing seller and the willing buyer get a fair deal on the property transaction. Your personal earnings structure and office fees will be discussed with you as part of your wealth creation plan.

Support at home

You will need the wholehearted support and approval of your family and friends. Property can be very demanding and puts pressure on family life. The bonds need to be strong to withstand such pressure. By focusing on the ultimate benefits of a successful career your family will feel part of the team. They will be a good source of referrals to grow your sales.

Your professional image

Property agents often suffer from a poor public image. You will need to separate yourself from this perception by learning to be a professional from day one. It will take time to earn respect and trust from members of our community and colleagues. A Bianca Properties Property Professional is always well- groomed, neatly dressed, punctual and well-prepared. You have to earn and win the respect of your colleagues and more importantly, of your sellers and buyers. At the end of the day they ‘buy’ you. We are after all in the relationship business.

The Selling Relationship

In residential property, the sale is not so much when someone decides to purchase a property. The true sale is when a person grants you the right to represent them as their agent for the sale of their property. What you sell is yourself, the Company and the service and benefits our agency can provide to the seller. The sellers are your clients and their interests are of paramount importance. By remembering this principle and practicing a policy of total client-care, you will receive many referrals for further business.

The better you care for your clients the more successful your career will be. A struggling agent is often an agent who has neglected their clients. Remember, people of the highest integrity are very popular with their clients. This gets you referrals for further business.

Just a little about Bianca Properties

Vino’s property selling services are the result of more than a quarter of a century of experience with property sales and rentals. She is known for her expertise and professionalism in an industry tainted by bad service and undelivered promises. Vino’s straight -talking and uncompromising honesty has afforded her long-term relationships with clients. Like any professional, she wants (and has) clients who contact her before making any real estate decisions. And her advice doesn’t come at a price.

Her success in the real estate arena is amplified by the steady supply of referrals about her and her team’s exceptional service. Numerous international corporations and diplomats feature on their client base.

Vino prides herself on delivering projects realizing the expected standard, on schedule and within budget.

Bianca Properties is an empowerment real estate company, recognized as a leader in the high-end luxury residential market and lifestyle estates.

Since its inception in 1996, Bianca Properties has established itself as a trusted and proven player in the property industry.

With experience like this, Vino ensures a realistic market related price and a more certain sale for your property. She ensures that all clients are welcome to deal with her directly and to give her service feedback on all dealings with her team members.

Bianca Properties is an exciting, growing company with a diverse collection of people and talents! Our future is based on a commitment to our company core values and to each agent and employees’ individual growth and wealth creation.

We are committed to helping our sales associates reach their fullest individual potential. Maximizing that potential extends beyond personal and business development. Balancing family, health and financial resources all contribute to your quality of life.

This is why a Career in Property is Right for Me?

Do you feel this way?

I am enthusiastic about being an entrepreneur and running my own business. Being my own Boss excites me.I have a good sphere of influence. I am honest and trustworthy - my word is my word I am willing to take required courses and training to become more competent. I am willing to be coached and mentored tobe more effective in meeting my targets. I want to be rewarded based on my efforts and results. I possess good communication skills and interpersonal skills. I present myself with I am well-groomed and my appearance is professional. I am self-motivated to succeed, whatever it takes. I am able to think creatively to address my challenges and find solutions for my problems. I am willing to network and contact people daily for appointments, presentations and mandates. I am looking for a long -term career for my personal wealth creation. I have a strong work ethic and am willing to work evenings and weekends I am able to multi-task which keeps me ahead of the pack. I understand the importance of a written business and sales plan covering daily and weekly targets and activities. I enjoy making decisions and taking calculated risks. I enjoy the results and rewards of hard work. I adapt well to change and learn quickly. I am willing to be on call for my clients. I make it a point to be punctual for all my appointments and meetings. I am dependable, I am interested in the financial rewards that a carreer in real estate can provide me and my family.

Experience suggests certain personal traits and qualities improve the odds of building a worthwhile real estate career. Some of these qualities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sociability – A natural tendency to gain satisfaction by associating with other people.
  • Achievement – The consistent need some individual feels for the achievement of rewards such as high performance, income, and status. People with strong success drive will accept challenges and endure hardships to succeed.
  • Dependability – People with high dependability tend to be accurate, thorough, detail-oriented, conscientious and on-time.
  • Emotional Resilience – The amount of psychological energy and mental endurance an individual has under normal conditions.
  • Goal-Oriented – A natural tendency to achieve the tasks set forth to obtain a pre-determined outcome under pressure.
  • Interview Techniques - A great deal of success is based on understanding the needs and wants of your clients or customers. This is crucial in obtaining the best information to determine your client or customer’s needs. The ability to listen is key and to always be writing notes
  • Problem Solving – An ability to deal with difficulties as they may arise, and arrive at practical and logical solutions for those difficulties.
  • Self-Discipline - The ability to work independently. In property, sales demands discipline and a level of personal commitment.
  • Resourcefulness – The ability to plan and organize for presentations, events and show houses.

The property market is dynamic and changes daily. The availability of properties change and interest rates fluctuate. Therefore, it is imperative that you are available to communicate with your clients and customers, your office and the marketplace on a daily basis. To best understand your time commitment, we have compiled a list of our expectations of the Bianca Properties Property Professional:

  • Live the Bianca Properties Core Values
  • Attend new agent training classes as and when required Attend advanced agent training classes when offered.
  • Hold two show houses per month
  • Acquire first listing and sale within 30 days Treat property selling like a business
  • Go to the office daily
  • Present a professional appearance Meet with manager and coach weekly
  • Schedule 5 face-to-face appointments with new buyers and sellers every week Attend company functions and events
  • Check voice mail throughout the day and respond immediately
  • Check e-mail throughout the day and respond immediately
  • Make 10 sphere of influence and prospecting calls daily Formulate and follow your business plan tasks and priorities.
  • Formulate and follow your business plan tasks and priorities.

The benefits of working at Bianca Properties

  • Training
    1. Thorough training programs that will build your self-confidence and put you in business to work with buyers and sellers.

    2. We believe an ideal training program should focus on four specific areas:

      • First, an initial orientation to familiarize you with the Real Estate industry, Bianca Properties and your new career.
      • Second, a training program designed to teach you the skills and techniques needed to give you confidence and make you comfortable in the many aspects of listing and selling real estate.
      • Third, an advanced level of training to help you build upon your success early. Bianca Properties has built a well rounded program that offers ongoing training and coaching.
      • Fourthly, sales pipeline and cash flow management and coaching to ensure ‘money in the bank’ and wealth creation.
  • We invest in and apply cutting edge technology to ensure 24 hours a day viewing audience for your listings.
  • Our advertising creates hundreds of fresh enquiries a month from the properties that you and other agents list daily. They are all recorded on our database and you will be advised of the leads.
  • Tools and System of the Business - We have the full spectrum and more of the property industry’s systems and portals to enable you to research and find the relevant information to make informed decisions and meet the clients’ needs. (Light stone, Windeed, Search works, Property Transfer Guide).
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Complete support system in holding your hand from the day you start through to listing your first property and selling your first property.
  • Advertising and Marketing – Huge investment is put into advertising in the form of Billboards, Bus Shelters, Magazines, newspapers, brochures and lists of data leads to ensure that your listings are getting the maximum exposure.
  • Administration and Tracking of Conveyancing until Registration– our well-trained staff will expedite the transferring process diligently for you.
  • Assisting in Negotiations and Closing of the Sale – a senior staff member or manager will always be available to assist you with your clients. The ability to close is key.
  • IT support
    1. With a user friendly modern website and as well as being very active on social media we are able to advertise and market your listings tremendously well.
    2. Our IT people are continuously researching and implementing the latest trends and resources to assure Bianca Properties technology systems is updated to give you, the agent, more value.
  • Commission Structure or Professional fee - Ours is a performance - based industry. The better you are at serving the needs of your clients the more you will earn. The more clients you serve in a professional fashion the more you will earn and then more your clients will refer you to their friends, relatives and colleagues. Referral sales is key to real estate success.

How Much Can I Earn?

One of the most appealing reasons to enter a career in property selling is that you have unlimited income potential. Predicting income is always a difficult task. Earnings are usually related to personal sales ability. Compensation is usually based on a commission structure. As with most business ventures, you should have sufficient funds available to be financially independent for at least six months.

No one can predict what will happen in the future, so the best solution is to be prepared in case your personal goals do not materialize as fast as your anticipation.

A career in property selling will afford you freedom and flexibility not commonly found in most nine-to- five careers. This independence certainly has its rewards in terms of job satisfaction and the opportunity for monetary success. You are rewarded in direct proportion to your efforts, and there is no limit to the amount you can earn. Being a property agent is a profession that everyone talks about. A high percentage of most families’ net worth is tied to the property they own, and most purchase property through the help of a real estate agent. To be involved in this process is very challenging and rewarding.

Most jobs pay you what the job is worth but as a property agent you are paid what you are worth. This is seen in your results.

Your training program will help you identify ways to build your business and develop a referral base, so that you can find your niche in your market. The best way to start any career is to have a mentor or coach. Bianca Properties’ training program may be followed up with a mentor or coaching program that assists you in getting off to a successful start. The mentor or coach will meet with you daily and weekly for the first three months you are in the business. During these sessions, your mentor or coach will talk with you about your tasks and activities and help you develop a prospecting plan for achieving your goals. A successful mentor or coaching program helps the new agent get off to a quick start by getting a listing and sale in their first few weeks in the business. At Bianca Properties, we strive to provide both continuous throughout your career.

Further Information

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact us. You can also download this page as a PDF.